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Lower your ene​rgy bill by 30-50% while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions

What is a mini split heat pump?

Conceptually, a heat pump is an AC that moves heat in either direction.  It can switch from heating to cooling via remote control. When you hear the term mini-split, it refers to the fact there are separate indoor and outdoor units.

What are the benefits of installing a heat pump?

Improvements in technology and new refrigerants allow the new generation of air source heat pumps to produce heat at less than half the cost of oil, even at -5F. They provide air conditioning in the summer with roughly twice the cooling BTU's for the same electric usage as a typical window unit. They are 15-20 dB quieter than a window AC and always ready to go.

 Links to more heat pump information and resources

Efficiency Vermont Heat Saver Loan information.  

Rates as low as 0.0% for 5 years depending on household income.

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